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When planning to change an element on the exterior of your home there are two equally important concerns. The first is, obviously, looks. Curb appeal affects property value. And just like your clothes and car, your home says something about your style and taste.  As much as it means for the exterior of your home to be beautiful, it also must stand up to the climate. That means both the wind and rain of winter and the heat of summer. If you live in the coastal region, that also means the fog that blankets us every summer and the high salt content it brings with it. Our particular climate impacts decisions from paint to decking to roofing materials.


The first thing when considering replacing your windows is the decision as to what type of window you are going to use. Read the information at:

Green Concepts

and it will give you valuable information upon which to base your decision.

The first major window manufacturer to provide replacement sashes is Marvin Windows

There are a number of local window shops. Through the years I have had less than satisfactory experience with most of the larger, better known establishments. I have had my custom door and windows made for several years by: The Window and Door Shop

185 Industrial St SF CA 94124



Most homeowners are surprised to find out that Planning Departments consider adding a deck the same thing as adding an addition. The process in San Francisco involves neighborhood notification. It is a process that will take at least six months. If your home is on a hill and the deck is over one story tall, and/or if your home is fifty years old, the second surprise will be what the structural engineers will consider a sufficient foundation and framing structure. However, there is nothing that will add to your enjoyment of your home like a deck. Dollar for dollar, there is no improvement that will add value and give back fun for your money than a deck. Just be willing to take the time to design to your specific requirements and spend years reaping the rewards.


 Here are some resources to help you decide what materials may be the best for you:

Beronio's Lumber

For Composite Decking: Trex


Deck Design Ideas:



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