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There are many rooms in your home besides your kitchen or bathroom. Pictured here are a home office, a large casement window opening to a small balcony, a master closet, a staircase, and a built-in bookcase. Each of these could be the source of annoyance or the the solution to a problem. I frequently tell people that when they first move into a home they need to user test for a while before they will really know what could be improved.

 In many ways, what makes your house your home are all the special needs of your life style.  In the portfolio section we show some of the elements of projects that have provided the custom support a well-designed home can give its owner. From something as simple as the new generation Nest Smart Thermostat to a closet interior with tie rack, sock drawers, and TV on an articulating arm. Making your home work for you is what successful remodeling is all about.

The first step is identifying what doesn’t work in your home. What do you do that could be better supported by your surrounding? Do you have light where you read? Is there room to exercise in your living room? Would mounting the TV on the wall free up floor space for a different purpose? Where does the seasonal sports equipment spend the off-season? Before you call your contractor try to have the answer to what your need. We can help with the “how.”

The new generation of entertainment equipment has both electrical and low-volt requirements. The components may require a new cabinet. The wall mount flat screens require a little more than the glossy magazine photos would lead you to believe.

So many of us have specific home office or equipment storage requirements. The first step in solving a problem is admitting you have one. Never be afraid to ask how you can improve the function of your home. You don't necessarily need to answer when we meet, you just need to know what doesn't work. Although these days there is so much information available on the internet from sites like Houzz and Home Klondike. Gone are the days of clipping photos from Home and Garden. These days I am sent more links than given magazine pages. The important thing is to realize that you can have what you need if you can decide what you want. At House to Home Remodeling we are in the wish- granting business.


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