The kitchen can be the hardest room to get right. People who understand how they are going to use their kitchen do the most successful kitchen renovations. Some kitchens are the central gathering room in the house. Some people are driven to distraction by clutter on the counters. Some people almost never cook and some find food preparation a form of art. There are materials that may look great, but do not perform well in some of these situations. Understanding the way your kitchen needs to function will determine, to a large part, its form.


Here are some of the decisions to be made prior to remodeling your kitchen:

  • Cabinet design: material and finish.
  • But also all those racks, pull-outs,
  • and inside the cabinet items.
  • Appliances: type and finish
  • Sink, Faucet, and Accessories
  • Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Counter top material and edge detail


Finding the right kitchen designer and cabinet line is where the project really begins to take shape. I have worked extensively with all of the following organizations. Besides their sense of design and attention to detail, each of these vendors is on my preferred list because, in the past when things did not go perfectly (yes, mistakes occur) each of them has provided solutions, not excuses. Between the client, contractor, supplier, and manufacturer there can be a crack through which a detail can fall. All of the following design showrooms have demonstrated the ability to make the final product what the client had in mind all along.


Wood Classics

is a custom cabinet and furniture maker. Dana Karrin provides tremendous design support. Their shop drawings get all of the details out in front of you. The meeting where they are approved, he patiently walks you through every detail. The quality of their work is second to none. Whether you need a kitchen, an entertainment center, or home office Wood Classics will exceed your expectations


Timeless Kitchens

provided the Monterey Heights kitchen in the portfolio. Kat and Caroline have both worked with clients who were not sure what they wanted when they first started. They have both shown the patience and sensitivity to bring in all the information these clients needed to discover what they required. With the Monterey Heights kitchen, the owners knew exactly what they wanted. They interviewed several designers and settled on Kat because they said she never had to be told twice about any function they wanted included. She listened and included every detail they were after.




is a San Francisco institution. They were a big-box store before big-box entered the vernacular. A group of independently owed, but co-operative departments allow their customers to see all the elements of a kitchen remodel without feeling like they are in a sterile corporate environment.  Floorcraft gives a person the opportunity to shop for everything from flooring to appliances, countertops, and plumbing fixtures. They are a great place to start your search. You might be surprised and find out it is the only store you will need to visit.


When you are choosing appliances it is essential that you understand what performance level you will require. Too often people can over-purchase a designer appliance whose features they will never use. This can be a budget buster and prevent the kitchen from having an element that would be of greater use.


CG Appliance Express

is a family owed and operated business. They opened at Mission and John Daly Blvd in Daly City in 1956. They have built their reputation on not overselling. They have nearly every brand imaginable, and they can provide you with every bell and whistle you could possibly desire. They will also work with you on your priorities and your budget. One other thing I have come to appreciate is their willingness to order your appliances so they arrive at their warehouse a week or so before they are needed. The day the appliances are installed is the day the room achieves full function.  If you have been surviving on takeout and the old microwave for seven weeks, having the delivery and installation ready to go will really lift your spirits.



When it comes to kitchen sinks and faucets, the above listed design centers all can provide you with showroom and websites that will help you find the perfect fir for your requirements.


Once cabinets, appliances, and fixtures are chosen. It time to turn to the countertops. The material you chose will greatly impact the room presentation and function.


Integrated Resources

If you are thinking of natural stone countertop start your search for that perfect piece of stone at..


West Bay Plastics.

Other solid surfacing like Corian and  Staron, engineered stone like Cearstone and Silestone, and plastic laminates like Formica and Wilsonart  are fabricated and installed by West Bay, another multi-generation business. Joanne Gomez has been a part of the renovation industry of San Francisco for longer than her appearance would seem to allow.  Visit them at 225 Capp St



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